A Fizz in the Blood…

Unforeseen visitor.


I know you.


White spaces on a page, silence as a baby sleeps.

Pauses in a Pinter play, an evening sky before the first star.

Bare earth, bulbs below, oceans, empty of whalers.

The Black Magic slope, clear for me, on the last ski-run of the day.


Smell of a new book, autumn leaves susurrations.

Rising river’s roar, the DOC hut at long tramp’s end.

Snow-flakes on my tongue, first glass of vino tinto.

99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry.


Yes – I know you.


Maris O’Rourke


Dear Paula, Happy Birthday. My first ‘contact’ with you (and Harry) was through 99 Ways Into New Zealand Poetry. I was new to writing and sopped it all up like blotting paper – tried every format and form! Here’s my adapted poem above about that special feeling one gets from serendipity and unexpected, lovely happenings like your book.


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