A treatise on the benefits of moonbathing

All insomnias, whether reactive, endogenous or apostrophe-induced, respond well to moonbathing, which raises levels of vitamin M in the blood.—Luna Medicine Quarterly
Moonbathing, one glows.

One becomes (if nude)

a composition of orbs, variously lit, according to phase.


Every season’s good if the weather’s fine.


A harvest moonbathe in an apple orchard

in earshot of the sea is always pleasant  (ah, the lunar seas)

                                                    mare crisium

                                                    oceanus procellarum

                                                    mare serenitatis


as is the sharp shiver when one divests oneself of winceyette at midnight

under a halo of ice


and even better the escapade in snow

two thousand feet above worry level with the moon’s smile sailing over the forest


                                                    mare frigoris


A moonbath in spring is a spritz to the hibernated soul.

One skips back, freshly rinsed

with sparkling thoughts like moonwash gilds us all the same, O our beautiful bones!


                                                    mare nectaris


Then those longest shortest nights in itch-hot sheets—

tick toss tick toss tick toss tick toss


until at last

you step out barefoot on the silver grass


balmed, becalmed, singing psalms

under that old rocket parking lot

                                                    mare tranquillitatis


                          Scientists say most of us have a deficiency.


Therefore, moon on, moon calf under a moon dog drinking moonshine—


                 under the old, under the new

                 under the wax, under the wane

                 under the blood, under the blue


mare luminescum. Soak it up.


Sue Wootton
Happy birthday Paula. With love and thanks for all you do for poetry in Aoteoroa. Power to your pen!


One comment on “A treatise on the benefits of moonbathing

  1. spectacular poem, with its moon sprinkling sounds, repeating like moonlight. I am a big fan of Sue’s poetry and this poem advertises why. The playful leap of language, the gift for the ear, the surprise, the visual piquancy. I love the way this poem drifts across the page. Here there little patches of aural bliss. Adorable. That;s what this is. Adorable. Thank you.


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