Becoming Girl


Becoming girl. What was

that? The girl and

the becoming? Hair

like Venetian blinds, all

the lesser excellencies

turned to stone, the stone quarried

to become road – Eddy Ave

which leads to Carillon

where mothers count their way

to sanity –  down which the bus travels

to where you need and most want

to go. To where you and your friend,

who you’ve known since you began

to remember, become zebras

as the light falls down the sky;

to where all your best answers

are afterwards. All the while becoming

girl, lost and tender as steak

or as the tree on an island

named for a Portugese exclamation,

the tree whose trunk you stroke

and all its branches quiver.


Jenny Bornholdt


Happy Birthday Paula, Love, Jen x


One comment on “Becoming Girl

  1. Thank you Jen. This is a heavenly poem to read on my birthday. There on the screen, why I love your poetry so very much. The lines with subtle turns (‘the light falls down the sky’ ‘The girl/ and the becoming’). Just gorgeous. thank you. xx


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