Give us a P!

For paeonies with
their dry heads
fixing seed.

Give us an A!
That’s for anemones,
still in the packet,
fingers ready to
reach down into
another season.

A U!
For umbelIiferae
those tiny stars
going fast in circles
to music.

Give us an L!
For lots. And lots.
Of everything. Love
and lemon leaves.

Then give us another
For anthology.

A whole big bunch
of words.


Fiona Farrell


A birthday posy for Paula on her birthday from Fiona Farrell. Everyone probably knows this already – but I’ve only recently discovered that the word ‘anthology’ means ‘an arrangement of flowers.’


One comment on “Bunch

  1. Gorgeous. I have never had a poem posy before. These delicious, brightly scented words are to keep in the vase of return. I love this poem and discovering this meaning of anthology. Every line here, perfect. Reaching down into the seed packet. Ahh. Bliss. Reaching down into the poem. Equally so. Thank you so much. I was moved to tears to open this.


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