Kia ora, Paula

For Paula



Kia ora, Paula, poetry throb,

what’s the guts on poetry blog?


Case the joint and scan the field –

po-etry in old New Zild.


Paula, poetry weather vane

standing in the pouring rain,


tap the verse barometer,

poke the footed taniwha.


Paula, Paula, way out west,

what’s the new kids’ poetry quest?


Find a navy sky to rhyme

with the sunset line by line?


Read a sun and write a moon,

say it, write it as a rune.


Plant some words and water well,

then you’ve made a poetry spell.


Paula, Paula, PhD,

tell us your philosophy.


Scope the beach, compare the shore?

Ninety-nine ways to explore


why we ponder, where we rhyme,

what’s the tohu, how we sign


in the folds between the text,

excavate what’s coming next.


Praise the poet, love the word –

cool to be a poetry nerd!


Paula, Paula, won’t you say

what you want for your birthday?


What about a poetry vine –

Book book book book book online.


All these years of reading fun,

you share them with everyone.


Ten times six is six and oh –

Paula, hari huritau!


Anne Kennedy


One comment on “Kia ora, Paula

  1. Ah this is a first, a poem raking me in, in couplets. I burst into tears and then smiled and laughed. Wow! Love the last couplet. Tempted by the poetry vine. Thank you.


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