Once there was a bunny
who thought it was sunny.
She found a carrot
and swallowed a parrot.
That bunny was funny!

Ruby Walker, age 6


Black is dark, gloomy and shadowy.
Black is the taste of a cave.
Black smells like a bear eating fish.
Black makes me feel like a shadow on the ground.
Black is the sound of a gorilla.
Black is hard, tough and scary.
Black bursts like a blackberry!

Pita Walker, age 8


One comment on “Limerick/Black

  1. Extra special to have two poems by children on my birthday shelf. Thank you so much Ruby and Pita. I think your poems are scrumptious. I love rhyme and I love list poems. Two of my favourite things! I love the words ‘sunny’ and ‘carrot’ as neighbours. I love the ‘black’ similes, especially the shadow on the ground. Thank you so much.


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