New Coat

This late summer morning is learning how to breathe

while Reina embroiders on the lanai shaded by our rainbow umbrella


Pete and Willie of Villa Magic have taken five weeks to burn

scrape and sand off our villa’s century-old skin  and replace it


In the kowhai a lone cicada’s love call sounds like the imperious

snapping of fingers ordering our villa to rise up

in its new coat of iceberg white


and plum trimmings: its radiance will wrap round Reina’s

fingers and needle

and the morning will breathe in admiration


Albert Wendt

April 2014


Here is a poem for Paula. It’s the latest poem I’ve written, and it’s about renewal, a new lease of life, energy, and beauty, qualities which Paula brings to her selfless work of promoting and encouraging poetry in our country.


2 comments on “New Coat

  1. I adore this poem with its luminous details that make place and loved one becomes its warm and vital heart. Thank you Albert, and for the generous comments. I was so moved to read this.


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