on entering the emporium/entrando nell’emporio

on entering the emporium

for Paula



I understand now why children fuss and stir,

looking for some light relief.

Even a bird will do, hopping oddly along a bench.




Bernadette Hall, 2015



entrando nell’emporio

a Paola



ora capisco come mai

non stanno mai fermi i fanciulli,

sempre alla ricerca di piccole distrazioni;

basta anche solo un uccellino

che salterella qua e là

lungo la panca




Daniela Bagozzi,  2015


note on my poem: 

I love the fact that Paula speaks Italian. I love her love of poets and poetry and children,

especially her love of children. She makes all of us so very welcome in her poetry place.

I’m very grateful to my friend, Daniela Bagozzi, for sharing in this gift making.




note on Paula’s poetry: 

Paula has a lovely, capacious mind. Her poems reflect this. They move, alert to beauty and

to risk, from these islands to Europe and back again in a synthesis of art, culture and life

experience. I’m always happy to see a new book from Paula. There are few collections of

poetry as exquisitely designed as hers.



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