Richard Nunns takes tea with Miss Bethell

A goose, a koauau and a bell

are never in tune


and the crickets’ pitch

bends like hair


in a damaged ear,



their effervescence

sweetening the night


with tiny plosives dappling

through leaves


like daylight’s flutter on

a moving windscreen under trees


or the oscillation of a nerve set

jangling without end unless


a touch arrives to calm it, whorl

of a finger to gently stress


the need for a harried pulse

to move to slower measure,


brush of a feather with all

its tiny barbs aligned, quill


still plugged in to the wing

of the bird, or the rippling


part-tones of the bell

expanding and then


gently smoothing out

and settling the wrinkled air.


I set against the digits

that manipulate


all and naught the crickets’

fizz, the vinyl’s hiss,


a goose, a kouauau

and a bell.
Chris Price


One comment on “Richard Nunns takes tea with Miss Bethell

  1. The exquisite sound play, the bringing together of Nunns and Bethell in the same poem, the burgeoning white space, the internal sound and the sound that is embedded in hearing Richard play. Heavenly. The links between music and writing. I adore this poem. Thank you.


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