Upon Altruism

(For Paula)

for it is in giving that we receive – Prayer of St Francis of Assisi


a snowflake
to the sky, another
another… and another…
until the earth is a crisp carpet of
giving, a magical conveyance of gentleness.
a snowflake is a building block of life, a fragment
❋  of self  a snowflake             is            star, a milky way  ❋
to embrace this                              hungry earth
a snowflake                             is a return
to parents lost                           in our heart-
❋ breaks  a snowflake is                       reached for the way ❋
migrants worship                  ghosts of home
a snowflake is a               settlement of
bethells beach          white waves
set against a       long cloud
like a poem, small token
of aroha
in gentleness
me to

Siobhan Harvey


Dear Paula,

Joyeux anniversaire. I wrote this new poem to celebrate your long established support of poetry in Aotearoa, your friendship and personal and professional support. I trust it offers a small token of my appreciation and thanks, kindest regards s


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